This section covers information about Leyland, a thriving, friendly town located in Lancashire, Northern England.

About Leyland

Leyland Lancashire is a thriving friendly town in North west England. Famous for the bus and truck manufacturer Leyland Motors, recently Leyland has seen a growth in industry and population with many new housing developments and local businesses since the 70’s. 

What Leyland is famous for

Primarily famous for the bus and truck manufacturer Leyland Motors, between the 1950s and 1970s, Leyland Motors expanded and grew to own several British motor manufacturers. These include British Motor Corporation, Standard-Triumph and Rover, culminating in the massive British Leyland company. The truck business still operates today as Leyland Trucks, and is owned by Paccar. 

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

History of Leyland

English Leyland was an area of fields, with Roman roads passing through, from ancient Wigan to Walton-le-Dale. However, it was left undisturbed for many centuries until rediscovered shortly after the Battle of Hastings (1066). Leyland is mentioned in the Domesday Book(1085). Furthermore, In 1066, King Edward the Confessor presided over the whole of Leyland. Consequently, it was divided into three large ploughlands,  controlled by local noblemen. Later, in the 12th century, it came under the barony of Penwortham.

Worden Park

The area of Worden, which is now Worden Park, was one of nine oxgangs of land granted to the Knights Hospitaller, by Roger de Lacy, in Lancashire. However, the land was not assigned to any individual. A local man, who was a very close friend of de Lacy, Hugh Bussel, was assigned holder of the land in 1212. Furthermore, notable features that remain include the St Andrew’s Parish Church, built around 1200 AD and the large stone Leyland Cross. Both of these are thought to date back to Saxon times.

Transport & Education

Convenient for commuters, Leyland has easy links to the M6 and M61. In addition, Leyland has a train station on the West Coast Main Line and several bus routes. Furthermore, there are many primary schools in Leyland, four high schools and a further education college, Runshaw College

Leyland Nowadays

Leyland Lancashire now boasts several superstores, retail outlets as well as several large supermarkets. In addition, there are many independent shops as well as a popular indoor market in the centre of the town. The various pubs and restaurants cater for most tastes. Not forgetting the beautiful Worden Park which is a popular destination. This iconic park has woodland, a large children’s play park, a Victorian garden and maze, café, and small theatre. 

Days Out
"I love the different cafes and places to visit with my kids and family. La Corte is amazing, so is the museum and Worden Park. As a mum, I am happy with lots of supermarkets nearby!"
"Leyland is perfectly imperfect. People travel for miles for our beautiful Worden Park; a place to take our daughters to give them fun memories. When the proverbial hits the fan, the sense of community spirit is second to none."
"It's all about the people. Nuff said!"
"I've seen and experienced many changes around Leyland town, from its industrial heritage to today's diverse cultures. Worden Park hasn't changed. It's open space is free to all. However, it is Leyland's heritage that Im really proud to be part of. It is for the world to know and us to live. Leyland born and bred."
"I love that the people are friendly and willing to help each other whether they know you or not."
"What I really like about Leyland is the community spirit. There are family businesses that have survived the hardest of times, Worden park, motorway links, up and coming pubs and restaurants. Not forgetting my friends and family."
"The one thing about Leyland is that no matter where you go you always know some one. Leyland is a small town but it fits us all in."
"Ijust moved to Leyland and the atmosphere here is completely different. The people are so friendly everyone smiles or says "hello". My health has improved since moving to Leyland and it takes me about 15 to 20 mins to get to the shops and supermarkets walking. I have no intention of leaving."
"Leyland is a simply great community, with loads to do and see. With super cafes, bars, restaurants, including the famous La Corte!"